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International Workshop on uncontrolled & controlled DCD, 6th edition

Código del curso: PD041047.


Dirección y cordinación

 Hospital Clinic y DTI Foundation


Constantino Fondevila
Liver Transplant Unit, Clinic
Institute of Digestive and
Metabolic Diseases (ICMDiM)
Fritz Diekmann
Kidney Transplant Unit, Clinic
Institute of Nephrology and
Urology (ICNU)
Ramon Adalia
Transplant Coordination Unit,
Medical Direction
Martí Manyalich
Assessor on Transplantation,
Medical Direction

It is a blended program that includes an online period of training and
face to face sessions:
The 2 weeks online module provides the basis of the contents
of the course.
The e-learning method used involves the development of a flexible,
interactive and bidirectional teaching and learning action.
The 2 days face to face training, both didactic and hands-on skills
sessions are represented by a multidisciplinary group of
Skills sessions are performed in a laboratory setting, using both human
simulators and animal lab.

Sede del curso

Meeting Room Hospital Clinic
Stair 9/11 - Floor 3
Villarroel street, 170
08036 Barcelona. Spain

Secretaría Técnica, información y reserva de plazas

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Aula Clínic
C/ Villarroel, 170. 08036 Barcelona
Escalera 12, Pl. 4
Maria Torrens
Tel.: 93 227 98 52

Fundació Clínic Barcelona

Aula Clinic

Calle Villarroel, 170
08036 Barcelona

Tel: 93 227 98 52
93 227 98 95
Fax: 93 227 98 59

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